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First preparation is to try running daily, physical fitness does not play important role in ssb but you should be fit enough to build up your stamina and also helps you for motivation. Officers should have the ability to lead and manage any obstacle thrown at them, has the ability to motivate themselves, inspire others and make tough decisions efficiently. Check the best preparation tips on to do and avoid while preparing for. Ssb interview ssb interview preparation tips crack ssb exam. Killer strategy to crack nda ssb interview shared by the experts here. Lets proceed further on how to develop approachability for ssb preparation. Top 10 tips to crack ssb interview on first try ssbcrack. Ssb preparation tips for interview your memory, communication, reaction, way of expression,honesty, understanding, is checked.

Here on this page we are providing tips to prepare for ssb interview or best strategies to crack interview. Top 11 techniques to crack ssb interview in first attempt. Check out best tips to crack ssb intelligence test and do well in remaining interview. I took a few tips from a few people and ill share them with you compounding it with my own personal experience. For cracking the nda interview, you all need to have a look on nda interview tips which are enough to impress the interviewee. Your search for best books to crack ssb interviews ends here. Apr 21, 2016 ssb interview 2017 thematic apperception test preparation tips 69 views apr 21, 2016 ashutosh blog, psychology test, ssb interview 1 comment thematic apperception test in ssb consists of set of ambiguous pictures that will be shown to the candidate, while looking on these pictures candidates must create a theme like a story which requires a. Those having dream of joining defence force like army, navy or air force may check tips to crack interview.

Here you will get solid ssb interview tips that will help you crack ssb in the first attempt. Ssb important points to note talk to someone who has faced ssb recently. The candidates who have cleared cdse are waiting for their ssb call now. This ssb interview book by is an insight to the procedure adapted at service selection boards, for the selection into the indian armed forces. Hello guys, today we have ssb recommended candidates interview tips, that is, arvind kaushik, ima 147, who ha cleared ssb interview will guide us in ssb interview preparation. Dec 28, 2018 you cannot do the complete preparation of nda ssb interview in a single night. It can help candidate get through psychological testing, lecturette and personal interview phase. These are some of preparation tips for ssb interview that you can follow to crack the ssb 5 day interview procedure. Tips to crack nda ssb interview, how to prepare for nda ssb.

Killer tips to crack ssb interview 1 know ssb s tests and procedures inside out. Day 1 screening test in ssb preparation tips and test. Get ssb interview selection by getting professional ssb coaching from. Here, we bring some tips that help candidates to crack their upcoming ssb. Ssb interview ssb interview preparation tips crack ssb. Before i give you 11 interview techniques to clear ssb interview, first you need to know what you have to go through you have to go through 5 tough days. I cleared my ssb on the first attempt from varanasi board. How to prepare for ssb interview in 30 days without. Read latest news of indian army, navy and air force and our tips for cracking ssb interview. Hence, you must not resort to traditional coaching for ssb.

Situation reaction test 4 ii ssb interview practice in. This app is meant for interview of all three forces i. Get notifications, question papers, best books for afcat, tes, acc, nda, cdse and coast guard. Read about wat, tat, ppdt, srt, gto tests to crack ssb. Adequate importance must be given to dressing and appearance, sitting posture. Once you have cleared the nda written exams, it is necessary to start preparing for the interview without delay. You cannot do the complete preparation of nda ssb interview in a single night. Before going for interview drink a glass of water and take 5 deep breathes it really helps to relax you and say to yourself its may day today. L ets start this article with a question is it possible to prepare for ssb interview without coaching. Ssb interview day wise procedure ultimate guide to crack ssb. Ssb preparation tips ssb interview tips ssb success stories. Here on this page we are providing 10 best techniques to crack ssb nda interview and enhanced your skills in front of the claimant.

Afcat 2 2020 results are now out and most of you are looking for afcat ssb preparation tips that can help you clear the ssb without facing rejection. How to prepare for ssb preliminary interview ssbtosuccess. Ssb interview i ssb preparation five days procedure upsc 2019. Ssb preparation crack defence cds nda afcat exam ssb. Contenders who want to appear in ssb exam first of all should know how to prepare for ssb. The anticipation of whats going to be asked to them and the fear of rejection can make the candidate really tensed. Top 10 tips to crack ssb interview chandigarh academy. Before actually preparing for this exam you need to know about what are best strategies for cracking ssb. Nda interview tips 10 best techniques, how to crack ssb nda. All the afsb will start testing the candidates from october 2020. It focuses on the most important aspects and gives a clear picture of what works and.

All candidates has to face ssb interview to join the armed forces. Find afcat, nda na, cdse, tgc, tes, ues, ssc notifications, how to fill and apply online, ssb dates and merit lists. Preparing for a job interview is crucial to making a good impression. Apr 20, 2019 hello guys, today we have ssb recommended candidates interview tips, that is, arvind kaushik, ima 147, who ha cleared ssb interview will guide us in ssb interview preparation. You can get many answers on this regarding how to aware yourself with the procedure, how to give all the tests, how to deal with interview questions. Ssb interview preparation tips who what is an officer. How to prepare for ssb, exam preparation tips for service. Tips to crack nda ssb interview, how to prepare for nda. The application form submission for nda 2018 paper1 will be starting from the january 10th 2018. An officer is a member of armed forces who holds a position of authority. One must be very confident, prepared and honest, when it comes to this stage.

Ppt ssb preparation tips powerpoint presentation free to. Lets start with the tips understand ssb interview procedure. This course specifically focuses on ssb interview but it is not an indepth analysis of the procedure, rather it is a small checklist kind of course from someone who has been there and done that. Firstly the gd is conducted and for this, the candidate should be. If you are going to appear in it and bank jobs interview then below provided interview tips will probably help you a lot to clear the interview.

As mentioned earlier in the ssb interviews the interview part will be carried out by the interviewing officer, on either the psychology test or on gto 1 or gto 2 day. Home ssb interview tips top 10 tips to crack ssb interview on first try. Best tips for ssb interview, crack ssb interview, prepare. It is said that a dedicated candidate has the brightest chances of clearing the ssb interview. Every day is an important day during ssb interview. Ssb interview day wise procedure ultimate guide to crack. How to crack ssb interview, ssb interview preparation tips. Ssb interview study material 2020 pack of 17 ebooks. They dont know important details about ssb and its procedures. One of the most important things that you should do is to improve your communication skills. Spend time to make the nda ssb preparation strategy instead of thinking how to crack nda ssb interview. Even the smartest and most qualified contenders also need to prepare for their job interview either it or bank etc. Before applying for any job people must know interview preparation for getting a job.

To buildup your confidence, you need to know the procedure and method of interview or what to expect and when. Which are the best ways to crack the ssb in the first. Follow one or two blog related to ssb preparation daily show that you can get a platform where everything related to ssb is happening. In this article, we will give tips for the candidates on what to do in the meanwhile and how to prepare for cdse ssb interview. Cdse guys are looked upon as padhakoo guys who are not physically fit. Ssb interview preparation practice app includes wat, tat, srt, gto, interview, conference etc. Ssb interview ppdt excellent story writing, tat, wat strategy. Preparation tips for nda ssb interview process things to do for nda ssb interview. Some tips for candidates appearing in ssb are mentioned below. Read a lot of gk, brush up knowledge of your majors subject. The candidates will initially be required to fill up the piq form. In this page you may get all the tips and strategies to prepare for ssb interview and exam in below section of this page. Jan 17, 2019 tips to crack nda ssb interview january 17, 2019 2 comments ssb is a test of your personality or lets say how you portray yourself in those 5 days of the examination period.

How to prepare for ssb interview ssb preparation delhi. During the 5days stay at ssb centre, its important to follow the guidelines given by your coaching instructors or your seniors. Which are the best ways to crack the ssb in the first attempt. For example, consider the ssb interview held at allahabad in january. The screening process is the hardest part as you might n. For the betterment of students appearing for ssb interviews. A special blog for indian defence aspirants which helps them to prepare for ssb interview, nda, cdse, afcat, territorial army and many more. A personal interview pi can be taken on any day between second to fourth days. Want to know about psychology and gto tests of ssb interviews. Day 3 and 4 tests of ssb interview are known as the group tests or the group testing officers test gto. Apr 28, 2020 ssb interview preparation practice app includes wat, tat, srt, gto, interview, conference etc.

You can easily crack ssb interview once you prepare for ssb using the data at ssbtosuccess. Ankita singh hands you extremely effective and practical tips to clear the dreaded ssb interview. This is a test which will enable you to leave an impression on the gto and vice versa too where your gto will get an idea about nature, behavior and functional capability of the candidates in the group. The service selection board ssb, set up by the ministry of defense, undertakes a multiday comprehensive interview process to evaluate prospective. Ssb interview i ssb preparation five days procedure. The truth is that, the preparations required depend on you, your abilities that.

Check out best ssb coaching, books and tips to crack. Crack defence cds nda afcat exam ssb interview preparation. May 31, 2019 how to prepare for ssb interview without coaching. This will be helpful for not just the cds, afcat, nda candidates but also for aspirants of upsc cse and bank po.

Day 1 screening test in ssb preparation tips and test formats leave a comment the first day test in ssb is the screening test developed to test the analytical skills of the candidate. Army, air force, navy of which the respective boards are ssb. Finally, with these tips and interview being and important part of ssbs, i hope many will clear the ssbs and make it to the forces. How i cracked the ssb interview in first attempt youtube. There is no use of being nervous, it is not a war, take is just like a simple interview, go like a. How to prepare for nda ssb interview nda ssb interview tips. Day 3 and 4 of group task at ssb preparation tips ssb. The officers at the service selection board are looking for an average intelligent person and chances are you may be already one. Killer strategy to crack nda ssb interview best preparation tips.

Ssb interview preparation tips before starting the preparation, it is necessary to know about all stages of the ssb interview as described above. Ssb interview 2017 thematic apperception test preparation tips. After receiving many requests from readers, i finally decided to help you guys by providing some useful ssb study material. Kartik, who cleared ssb interview with air 42, wants everyone to learn how to crack ssb by following these amazing ssb preparation tips to reach the indian. Ssb interview preparation how to prepare for ssb interview. Now its time to start discussion on how to prepare for ssb interview of indian navy, army and indian navy. How to prepare for ssb interview in 30 days without coaching. Download ssb interview study material for personal interview, psycholog, gto, tat, wat, srt, ppdt, oir test, lecturette and more. Tips to prepare for ssb interview best strategies to. A freshers mind is filled with fear and anticipation before appearing for an ssb interview. Here are the ten hardcore tips which will help you in clearing this prestigious interview within one month.

Ssb preparation starts with the understanding of the complete ssb interview procedure that you will face during your 5days stay at the ssb centre. Interview tips is made for all those contenders who want to get placed in top companies whether it is related to private or government sector. In order to crack afsb interview, the selected candidate must possess strong communications skills. January cold, at allahabad, you wont be able to write fast because of cold and frozen hands. Ssb tips by army chief general bipin rawat indian army. Check out how to join ota, ima, nda, naval academy, afa, indian army, air force and navy. The detailed and elaborated interview technique in the ssb is unlike any other. It is really important for someone to make a good first impression in order to be considered for a position. Best tips to crack ssb interview, notifications, results.

Killer strategy to crack nda ssb interview best preparation. Ssb interview preparation is a platform dedicated to the ssb aspirants where one can prepare and practice for ssb interview completely. Lets crack afcat air force common admission test lets crack nda exam. This is the new edition of lets crack ssb interview, the best selling ssb interview book for nda, afcat, cds and all other army, navy and air force ssb afsb interview. I know how important it is for all of you to clear the ssb in one go and join the fraternity. The interview is designed to be 80 percent mental and 20 percent physical in nature. Army officers will visit the college for this interview, the candidate is informed via their tpo if they filled the form online. Implement these techniques and secure a place for yourself in. Practicing and implementing these tips will definitely help you crack ssb interview. The simple answer to this question is yes, absolutely possible. Major 5 tips for afsb interview preparation major kalshi. Home ssb interview how to prepare for ssb interview at home ssb interview by ssbcrack. Now, you are on the best platform where you will get ssb interview tips and ssb interview step by step preparation guide along with ssb procedure through this lengthy article which will cover a to z aspects about ssb interview.

Most of us have a dream of joining defence force like army, navy or air force and to join any one of these forces aspirants have to pass technically designed tests at service selection boards ssb. So candidates who are eager can apply and we will provide all the tricks to resolve your preparing problems and will be easy for you to crack the nda examinations with good marks. I want to give you all few valuable tips if you all, are passionate about wearing uniform and clearing ssb. Ssb interview preparation free android app appbrain. How to prepare for ssb without coaching ssb interview.

Start preparing early for ssb it is often seen that candidates wont start preparing till they receive the call letter for ssb. How to prepare for an army short service commission ssb. You are reading this article means you have taken the first step towards cracking ssb interview in first attempt. It is extremely important as the candidate needs to participate in large group discussions, face personal interview and interact with other batch mates. These preparation tips will guide you to crack itbank jobs interview. This article how to crack ssb interview will provide you lots of important tips on approaching the ssb interview and ensuring that you easily crack ssb many of you would agree that it is quite easy to clear the nda or cds written exam if you stay a little focused and prepare sincerely, but to clear the ssb is quite difficult, given the strict selection process and lower number of vacancies. Ssb interview preparation material 100% recommended lets crack ssb interview book. How to prepare for an ssb interview, and what are the. How to prepare for ssb 2017 exam interviewexam cracking. I have come across people who work hard to prepare for the interview and not get selected and recommended, and then there are people, who dont even prepare and have their names on the merit list.

Prepare yourself for a fiveday schedule of the ssb. Here are the tips which could prove to be very useful in clearing all the 60 situations easily within 30 minutes. Language plays an important role in communication skill. Ssb nda 2019 dates here, candidates can check the dates related to the nda exam including all procedures till selection procedure. In case of any further query related to nda ssb interview tips, you can write to us in the comment box. So, here are 10 golden tips to prepare for ssb interview and increase your selection chances to get recommend in ssb. Ssb interview tips ssb preparation ssb call letter nda. During lecturette candidate should select the topic that is directly. If candidates think that they can prepare in one month, well it is a proven fact that candidates cannot crack ssb in a month. While the overall personality of the candidates is judged, their.

This video is about ssb interview preparation tips and tricks and a detail guidelines on how to crack ssb interview in hindi. Practicing lot and with a focus is the foremost essence of this test. Watch animesh talk about how he went about cracking the ssb. The services selection board interview or the ssb interview gives a lot of importance to an interview before selecting someone for a position. Determined to crack ssb and want to know what all tests held on day 1. Its also advised that the story writingtat and the sentence formation in round should be influenced by current affairs. Buy lets crack ssb interview book online at low prices in. Ssb is divided into 2 stages, screening and after that stage2 the main ssb part below i have mentioned how to clear the first part as it is the fir.

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