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For any application involving live electrical systems, make sure to begin with the electrical safety materials. How to play your powerpoint presentation on a monitor. This presentation is designed with vibration analysis, oil analysis, thermal analysis and ultrasound analysis. Mysitecare is a monitoring and diagnostic solution installed on the equipment can detect most important failure modes and causes before they happen. Presentation software however can help you to make your presentations really quickly. The hardware component your computer uses video display hardware to convert computer information into something that can be displayed on a monitor or laptop screen. Accompanying the fundamentals of machinery and equipment vibration powerpoint presentation materials are several white papers that explain aspects of bearing vibration condition monitoring, industrial equipment vibration data collection and measurement of vibration and are used to suppliment various of the seminars and provide a thorough. With dynamic wall, it utilizes up to a number of monitors now. In summary, when you see a monitor with usb ports, please do not automatically think that you will be able to play your powerpoint presentation on it via a thumb drive. Ppt condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. Machinery vibration ppt, machine vibration powerpoint, vibration. Short courses for more information, please contact. Hence the slideshow is stretched out over all those monitors, just like a.

Ppt condition monitoring powerpoint presentation, free. Of all the predictive maintenance pdm technologies, vibration analysis remains the best measure of machine health. Infrastructure and configuration required to turn diagnostics into information. Choose the maintenance strategy which gives maximum reward. And that specific duty condition only appears on documents created for people whose dts profile identifies them as. Continuous controls monitoring ccm is an ongoing systematic practice of observing and checking, for reasonable assurance, that information technology systems hardware andor software operate as designed. Condition monitoring is the process of monitoring machinery health or condition, such that a significant change is indicative of a developing failure. Videos and narrated presentations mobius institute. It allows maintenance to be scheduled, or other actions to be taken to avoid the consequences of failure, before the failure occurs. A multiple monitor tutorial by powerpoint mvp chirag dalal. Do you wish that if you could have some software feature or some software utility that could help you when giving out presentations, leave a comment here and we will try to provide the feature to you.

These supervisory practices, against it systems, have a basis for maintaining data validity, reliability, and integrity. Unbalance, misalignment, bearing faults, resonance, looseness. How to set up a monitor for powerpoint presentations. Always produces same output from given starting condition or initial state inputs examples. Ppt vibration condition monitoring powerpoint presentation free. Presentation outline about data2knowledge continuous monitoring needs banking application d2k secure, continuous monitoring system 16th world continuous auditing and reporting symposium 2008 about data2knowledge corporate overview established in 1999, offices in nj, uk and hungary specialized in continuous monitoring and financial data. More competitive together reduce maintenance costs by standardized solutions and services within condition monitoring. Machine condition monitoring presentation transcript. The main function of condition monitoring is to provide this knowledge. Software rail technology and services consultancy services and bespoke it. There are two main methods used for condition monitoring, and these are trend monitoring and condition checking. With 30 clean, modern healthcare presentation template slides, a bevy of medial infographics, and easy to edit pro features, you can use this health ppt template to create your medical presentation quickly.

Supplemental curriculum for practical measurement application training bridge the gap between theory and application with materials designed to explain what measurement to take in which situation, with which kind of test tool, and how to use the information you gather. Ppt condition monitoring powerpoint presentation free. Separately, it also provides the editor to allow the user to define, add, modify, and delete the criteria for monitoring as well as the actions to be taken. Presentation software free powerpoint templates fppt. Utilizing automated weather systems monitoring, an alert is generated when thresholds are exceeded wind, temperature, humidity, precipitation, and cumulative moisture deficiency, and a proactive deenergization event is triggered.

In particular, cbm is highly effective where safety and reliability is the paramount concern such. In my case, second monitor is on the left side of main monitor. The same happens if you are using libreoffice or other presentation software. Today, improvements in technology are making it easier to gather, store and analyze data for cbm. Condition monitoring cm structural health monitoring shm a joint lecture for mech 512. Winner of the standing ovation award for best powerpoint templates from presentations magazine. Review data quality elements and template and glossary and reports. Data quality new reporting requirement from hud to assist projects, agencies and cocs with monitoring data quality. When preparing a powerpoint presentation for clients or colleagues, you must first consider the monitor setup youll be using. Mysitecare sensors are suitable for monitoring switchgear, breakers and contactors. Coding creates software, but computer science is a broad field encompassing deep concepts that go well beyond coding.

Vibration analysis training ppt powerpoint presentation explaining machine vibration analysis, bearing vibration condition monitoring, equipment vibration. This project aims at analysing the condition of a patient by doctors in any part of the hospital where ever they are. Training programs written procedures job planningscheduling. Condition monitoring tools and systems for asset management. Rules for survey after construction part 7 or the abs. Design for st condition monitoring is the use of advanced technologies to determine the. A task deliverable contracting environment with approach monitoring and followup. Rcm tpm rcafmea rcd training programs written procedures job. Ibm smb software group softwaresmb maintain hardware.

Worlds best powerpoint templates crystalgraphics offers more powerpoint templates than anyone else in the world, with over 4 million to choose from. And all students should have access to computer science courses in their schools. Conditionbased maintenance allows preventive and corrective actions to be scheduled at the optimal time, thus reducing the total cost of ownership. Management system cmms software techniques applications connectivity applications. Presentationoncondition monitoring technologypresentedbyengr. Condition based maintenance and monitoring software fiix. This free health monitoring template for powerpoint contains a health monitor and a physician with a small heart illustration there is a green monitor with monitor lines and chart that you can download for monitoring systems. Provides a roadmap for project planning and management. Software runs on system 800xa to help prevent production disrupts by adequate reaction to disturbance. A microservice that is part of a monitoring flow that a designer can.

Theyll give your presentations a professional, memorable appearance the kind of sophisticated look that todays audiences expect. The key to a successful condition monitoring programme includes. It packs a number of quality slide design and features not easily found in free medical powerpoint templates for nursing or other free. Nondestructive testing ndt condition monitoring cm. Ppt online vibration monitoring systems powerpoint presentation free to download id. Online vibration monitoring systems powerpoint ppt presentation. Normally when you run a slideshow, it will show the slideshow on one monitor only.

Protection system is a digital, modular, scalable hardware and software solution that. Vibration condition monitoring powerpoint ppt presentation. Main monitor monitor where other tasks are done during presentation. Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance ashok kumar l. Having random probability distribution that may be analyzed statistically but not predicted precisely. This is true because vibration monitoring can alert us to so many different conditions that may indicate potential machine failures. Learn ing event transport planning and management safety and risk management software remote condition monitoring hardware and data acquisition transit and ticketing solutions and automated delay repay passenger surveys and. Pacificorp developed an operating procedure that documents the process for a proactive deenergization event. In a single monitor setup, consider presenting in slide show view, which displays the presentation on the monitor in.

Condition monitoring is the process of determining the condition of machinery while in operation. A free powerpoint ppt presentation displayed as a flash slide show on. Presentations show type is configured to be browsed by an individual window second monitor is configured to extend desktop of main monitor. Criteria action table summary gmsec criteria action table the configuring tool provides the realtime gui presentation of the criteria action table. Online systems use permanently installed sensors to collect vibration and process data, 247, and alert personnel to important changes in machine condition. Monitoring and tracking progress and achievement in the context of 5. Machinery vibration ppt, machine vibration powerpoint. Ppt condition monitoring and predictive maintenance powerpoint. This ilearnreliability presentation examines this topic, and provides suggestions to. Conditionbased monitoring cbm is maintenance that is regularly performed on a machine to lessen the likelihood of the machine to breakdown. Invest in a media player, have your exhibit company or your video department covert the files to a format that will work with the media player and then you will have this. The duty condition, tdy to academy is only available on this screen if the selected special circumstances travel trip type cadetmidshipmen has been selected.

Skfslide 3 code skf organization future paradigm condition monitoring. Automation of the model for the sake of efficiency, accuracy and productivity. Machine condition monitoring ppt video online download. Guidance notes on equipment condition monitoring techniques. Successfully using this programme enables the repair of problem components prior to failure. Free health monitor powerpoint template is a free medical template for health monitoring topics but can also be used for server monitoring or other nonmedical issues. Condition monitoring infographic slideshow youtube. A monitored and secured computing environment capable of risk detection, response, and mitigation. Trend monitoring is the continuous or regular measurement and in. Presentation on condition monitoring linkedin slideshare. Condition monitoring through non destructive testings of machines and plants condition monitoring through non destructive testings of machines and plants introduction condition monitoring signature analysis nondestructive evaluationsnde in. If you are very familiar with powerpoint you just need to add new slides and then press f5 to run your presentation. Presentation on condition monitoring technology presented by engr. For more on the logical framework approach and indicators, see the introduction to monitoring and evaluation presentation in this module.

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