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We just bought a car from availablecar and didnt notice at the time, since were not very familiar with the form. A new keeper supplement v5c2, if youve just bought the vehicle. Once it has been removed, the next step is to assign the number plate, which allows you to begin the process of changing personalised number plates to a new car. Once completed, send the remainder of the v5c to the dvla in the post. Sign the declaration in section 8 and ask the buyer to do the same. Jun 21, 2017 complete section 6 of the v5c new keeper or new namenew address details sign the declaration in section 8 you must do this too fill in section 10 new keeper supplement and give it to you this section is also known as the v5c2. When the new road tax rates come into force as of 1 st april 2017 you will still be able to claim the road tax exemption, even for the additional price for vehicles with a list price of more than. I dont have the v11 reminder, just the registration certificate or new keeper supplement new keeper using v5c2 new keeper supplement document reference number please type the 12 digit reference number from the front of your new keeper supplement v5c2 your v5c2 document reference number can be found on the front of your v5c2. A v5c registration certificate log book in your name. On the other hand another member of staff has told me that i would need a log book stating that it is a euro 6 now the issue is i dont have a log book as i just bought the car on saturday but have the new keepers slip and a photo copy of the original log book. In the past you told the dvla that youd sold a car by completing the relevant section of the log book or v5, as its officially known by hand before giving the buyer the v5c2 new keeper supplement and posting the rest of it to the dvla in swansea. Any logical reason car seller only having the new keeper supplement of v5.

Filling out the v5c paper method if you dont have access to. Own a car, and youll have a registration document that proves it. Although the new owner might be perfectly happy, theyre not officially the. Changes to the v5 vehicle registration document saga. V5 with no new keeper supplement page 1 general gassing. Everything you need to know about the statutory off road. This new keepers details supplement is officially referred to as the v5c2. Each issue is historical in nature, usually featuring a famous american lighthouse as the cover story, followed by a humaninterest article and, often, a foreign lighthouse story. I want to mot the car in the morning but dont have the full v5c tax book, just the v5c2ni new keeper supplement. If you are the new owner, you should have the little green slip v5c2 new keeper supplement. Apr 11, 2012 i bought a car a few weeks ago and i have not received the log book yet, i need to tax my car at the end of the month too. Also i forgot to pick the new keeper supplement up what shall i do.

V62 application for a registration certificate if youre the current keeper. Or hes just recently bought it and the new log book hasnt come back yet. Car tax no logbook or reminder taxing a car without a. Jun 18, 2019 complete section 6 of the v5c new keeper or new nameaddress details sign the declaration on the same page, the new keeper will have to do this too. It can take up to 5 days to get the replacement log book. The new keeper however cannot use the left side of the v5 only to tax the vehicle. You fill in this short form with the new keepers full name, address and date of sale. Without the new keeper supplement he wont be able to sorn it so if the new v5c takes a while to turn up he could get a nasty shock from dvla. Important the new keeper will retain section 6 green supplement.

As pablo said the new keeper slip is fine you will just have to fill in a v10 form and they will send you a new log book. Your vehicles log book v5c or the new keepers supplement with a completed v62 application for a vehicle registration certificate v5c. Tell dvla youve sold, transferred or bought a vehicle gov. New car, no logbook, no tax, need help moneysavingexpert. We just bought a car and this slip is missing, is there naything to be worrying about. Dvla always advise that vehicles should not be purchased without sight of the vehicle registration certificate v5c. A valid mot test certificate may also come in useful if you apply at a post office. Any person buying a vehicle should insist on having the new keeper supplement v5c2 which allows the buyer to obtain a new vehicle tax immediately. Number plate transfer v5c registration document v5c2 new keeper supplement. Get a v5c vehicle registration certificate log book. Taxing a car without a v5 logbook, v11 tax reminder or green slip new keeper supplement.

I am waiting on the full log book coming but i needing it taxed. But instead of completing the rest of the relevant sections and posting it back to the dvla, sellers can now fill in an online form. If you have sold your car privately, complete the green slip with date of sale on section 6 thats on the other side of the log book. Sign and date it and send it with a covering letter explaining your relationship to the deceased to the sensitive casework team, dvla, swansea sa99 1zz. Tell dvla youve sold your vehicle or transferred it to a new registered keeper. The dvla recently introduced an electronic system for car log book. Dec 11, 2019 if they buy it, fill out the v5c2 new keeper supplement of the v5c to signal the change in ownership. Missing section 10 v5 form log book motoring discussion. The v5c is a paper document issued by the dvla to the registered keeper of a vehicle and is used to confirm proof of ownership and the. Dealing with car documentation after a sale hpi blog. It is not best practice or government advice to buy a car that doesnt have a v5c registration certificate, commonly known as the logbook. Dvla logbook, explained v5c logbook, change of address. How to tax a car definitive guide 2019 update v5c 2 new keepers supplement section of the log book by doents to transfer private number plate the market ing a car safely mgv8s v8 register mg club changes to vehicle tax from april 2017 new keeper details slip v5c 2 hotukdeals.

Once youve done that, head online to the dvla website and login to inform it that youve sold your car. When you apply for the log book, if theres no registered keeper you will get the log book, if they have any old details that dont tie up then they write to who they have on the system and say that you have applied for the log book and they have a period of time to write back and say if they still own it stolen etc. When selling your car privately, youll still have to fill in the v5c2 section new keeper supplement and give that to the. Apply by phone if youre the registered keeper on the log book thats gone missing or is damaged. What documents do i need to transfer a private number plate to my. V5c registration certificate logbook in your name if youre the current keeper. It is only to make your experience with book keeper app better. Aug 26, 2015 sellers are still required to fill in the v5c2 section the new keeper supplement and give that to the buyer, as normal. Fill out section 10 new keeper supplement also called v5c2, tear it off, and give it to the buyer. As you say, the new keeper slip you have in front of you has a slightly different reference number, this differentiates between the new keeper or the old keeper taxing it. Use this link if you have lost your logbook and want to buy or sell a car. Mar 27, 2011 ive done a search but i cant seem to find an answer to this so hopefully someone on here will know.

If they do, youll get a v5c registration certificate log book within 6 weeks. Tell dvla youve sold, transferred or bought a vehicle. Youll need to provide the 12digit reference number on your v5c2 new keeper supplement. V5 registration document changes to your vehicle form saga. This is called the v5c, and it shows that youre the registered keeper of the car and. How to inform dvla of bereavement national numbers. If you will be keeping the deceaseds vehicle, complete the new keeper section on the registration certificate log book. If you realise youve lost your v5c or it has been stolen or become badly torn or stained, you can apply for a new one by calling the dvla on 0300 790 6802, as long as youre the registered. The dealer will usually register a brand new vehicle for you. This section tears off as a slip that you give to the new buyer.

The new rates will only be affecting vehicles registered on or after 1st of april 2017. Any logical reason car seller only having the new keeper. It can take a couple of weeks to for the replacement v5c log book to arrive. Details of any fees payable are expained on the v62 form. Mar 23, 2020 youll need to provide the 12digit reference number on your v5c2 new keeper supplement. Hi guys, we have a question on section 10 new keeper supplement slip. V5c logbook or new keeper slip guide uber what is a v5c doent parkers what is a v5c doent parkers what doents do i need to transfer a private number plate how to tax a car definitive guide 2019 update car tax online overclockers uk forums vehicles onedox ing and an mgv8 notifying dvla of a change. You should receive your new v5c log book within 24 weeks from the dvla. A subscription to the keeper s log, a 48page, glossy quarterly is included with all levels of membership. Filling out the v5c paper method if you dont have access to a computer or the internet, or. Fill in section 10, the new keeper supplement or v5c2, and pass on to the new keeper this can be used to tax the car online or in a post office send the v5c to the dvla.

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